Update, March 14, 2018

The Wisdom House is Back!

After two long months for the Wisdom House school and Tomorrow's Dawn women's center to be closed due to escalation in bombardment of the village, many families have returned to the village.  Last week, nearly 60 students attended Kindergarten at the Wisdom House and they were so happy to be back at school. Many wore their beloved school uniforms. We have also just received video of the women's center being power-washed in preparation of re-opening again soon. Tomorrow's Dawn took more damage than the Wisdom House as its windows were blown so dust and soot covered the inside. 

The English teacher at the Wisdom House let us know that they had a celebration for the students and danced this week. Thank you all for supporting this amazing project that bring joy like this!

Besan and Erina's story of Hope and Friendship across the World

This is Besan. She graduated from the Wisdom House Kindergarten this year. Yesterday her house was hit by an airstrike. Besan is injured but alive; however, her 3 year old little brother and her uncle were killed. She is now without a home or safe place to go.

The English teacher at the Wisdom House sent us this video of Besan and her best friend, Rama, reciting "We are Human" during the past school year. 

This is Erina. She read about Besan and wrote her a Letter of Hope from Canada where she stays for frequent treatments. 

Our English teacher has found Besan! She gave Besan the message from Erina and she has a message back!

She says: “My name is Besan. I am 6 years old. I love you Erina. I want to be friends.” And finally she is waving her hand

Building relationships across borders; supporting public education and the future for children in Syria.

135 Students ages 3-6, many of whom have lost one or both parents to the ongoing conflict.

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What we provide the wisdom house:

Materials/ Equipment

  • a bus
  • rent for underground space
  • generator, heaters, fuel storage tanks
  • stationary, printers, computers, projectors, white boards, school supplies, playground equipment
  • other items as available

Operating Costs

  • water
  • fuel for bus, generators, and heaters

Human Resources

  • 5 teachers
  • 4 staff (bus driver, administration, logistics, janitorial)

"Tomorrow's Dawn" women's center

In September of 2017, the second year for our SETF/ community initiative, we decided to expand our outreach to more people in Syria in the same community as the Wisdom House school in Idlib Province. With the support of SETF and the Wisdom House working group, a woman on the local council named Rasha opened "Tomorrow's Dawn" women's center. The community center has over 100 attendees and offers vocational courses to women, English math and Arabic courses for high school students, human rights workshops, and even a Theatre Troupe! Learn more here.

The same local council in Syria and our team on the ground oversee these projects. Our budget covering costs to run the "Wisdom House" school for orphans and "Tomorrow's Dawn" Women's Center is $40,000. The best way to support this people-to-people mission is to become a recurring donor.
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Our project is managed and supported by American communities and people like you who want do something to help those suffering in Syria and not be a bystander to atrocity.  The driver and non-profit behind our humanitarian initiative is The Syrian Emergency Task Force whose connections and presence in Syria enable us to stay close to those we are affecting; we receive constant updates and media from the ground which we share through our network and social media pages.

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