Letters of Hope for Syria

Send your Letters of Hope to 

PO box 250972; Little Rock, AR 72225

Download Letters of Hope for Syria flier and instructions

We think its important to note what inspired the "Letters of Hope for Syria" campaign. Last December when Aleppo was on the verge of falling to the regime after a long besiegement, fliers were dropped to civilians that said something like "the world has left you alone to face your doom" so we wanted to send a counter message to the people suffering in Syria.

The letters are meant for any internally displaced people in Syria but you can address them to go to the Wisdom House or Women's Center, or SETF's humanitarian projects if you wish for them to be delivered to the students or teachers there.

A thought, a prayer, a drawing, or any message of encouragement can brighten the day for someone in Syria. We've received an incredibly positive response from our previous deliveries, and the Wisdom House school told us that our "emotional support" is as important as the material aide we've provided.

Volunteer with us!

We host monthly Letters of Hope volunteer meetings in our Little Rock office that we would love you to join! We sort, scan, and organize all the Letters of Hope from around the world and get them ready to be sent to Syria. 

You can also host your own volunteer event in your hometown! Gather your friends and family to join together and make Letters of Hope. 

To find upcoming volunteer events, follow us on Facebook under Letters of Hope for Syria. 


Letters of Hope for Syria Q and A's

Where do we sent the letters are how do they get delivered?

The letters are sent to the Letters of Hope PO Box 250972, Little Rock AR 72225.  Mouaz and Natalie from the Syrian Emergency Task Force(SETF) team take the letters to our field director, Jomah, in Gaziantep, Turkey. He then takes them inside Syria to distribute with our team on the ground. The letters go to mothers, grandmothers, fathers, students, etc.  Before sending, we go through each letter and scan them to make sure we don't send anything hurtful into Syria. There is a working team in the United States and on the ground in Syria which have helped make this campaign incredibly successful.

How often are letters delivered to Syria? 

Natalie and Mouaz are regularly back and forth from the region to support our school for orphans in Syria so they generally take a batch of letters once every couple of months.

Who has participated in this campaign?

We have received well over 1,000 Letters of Hope and they have come from across the United States including Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Virginia, Sidwell Friends in Washington D.C., California, North Carolina, New Jersey, Arkansas and others. We've also received Letters from other parts of the world including Italy, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia. We've even had super-contributors, Karen, for instance, is a local in Little Rock whose grandparents are from Syria. She has written over 200 letters and poems and tiny treats for the people in Syria. We hope this campaign continues to spread throughout the country and in the school systems so that people can have a better understanding of the situation in Syria and the people who are the most affected.

What else can we do to help?

Simply writing a letter is the simplest and most direct way to avoid being a bystander to the atrocities in Syria. You could also host your own Letters of Hope event or ask your friends and family to write one. 

Supporting SETF or its humanitarian work like the Wisdom House Project are great ways to help the Syrian people directly. Follow our social media pages. Check out the "Take Action" tabwhere you can see documentaries for Syria and resources for learning about the situation on the ground. Currently we have a bill, the "Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2017" that is held up in the Senate. We can ask our Congressmen to support the protection of civilians in Syria and members of the House of Representatives can join the Free Syria caucus.