our story in video

First Year at the Wisdom House

The Beginning of The Wisdom House

The School Relocated to Underground Space

The School Receives Printers, Computers, and Projectors

Our Students Sing!

A student from the Wisdom House sends us his voice. He is Abdumalik. He is singing a song for the number one. It says "My name is one. I have one God. I have one nose. I have one mouth. They have my name ONE ONE ONE."

Rama and Beissan sing "I am Human"

Reima and Reimas are twin sisters at the school. They are saying, "The leaves open and the lemon leaf is beautiful. We love you our teacher"

A student sings 

Malak sings the alphabet for us in English.

Updates from the Ground

Watch our newest video, all made from footage sent directly from our team in Syria showing off the colorful new walls the students are enjoying at school. 

Thanks to donations from our friends in America, we were able to hire local women to sew uniforms for all the students at The Wisdom House, a common practice for school children in Syria. These new Kindergarteners are starting off the year looking good!

Congratulations to the first graduating class of Kindergartens from The Wisdom House! 130 students were honored at a celebration on May 24, 2017. 

The English teacher thanks her supporters (us!) at the graduation:

"Today we are celebrating the graduation of the kindergarten of the orphans for this academic year. We could get through 130 children completing the year with the generous support from the Arkansas community and Syrian Emergency Task Force Organization. The Wisdom House orphanage completed the first year of its work supporting Syrian orphans introducing education and support services. It was a long year; we shared many emotions, memories, experiences together. We would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in making this project real, from our donors in the U.S to the local community here including the parents, the local council and the rest of my colleagues in the Wisdom House administration, who all have their fingerprints in the project. Long live free Syria."

April 2017 Update: One day after the chemical weapons attack which is 20-30 miles from our school, the teachers took the children on a trip to the soccer field "to let the children forget this war"  Below are photos from their trip.

March 2017 Update: Students take a trip on the bus to a local soccer field where they could run around and play. The teacher tells us, "the children were so happy like they have the world in their hands"

February 2017 Update: Students at The Wisdom House receive their grades and certificates of achievement after a week of testing in every class!

 January 2017 Update: The SETF Field Director visited the orphanage and said everything was perfect. The staff is very friendly, the teachers have worked so hard to bring color into the walls of the new space. The students also prefer the new location to the previous. Hooray!

December Update: The Wisdom House moves to a new location entirely underground.  The desks, floor, doors, heaters, and best of all- the children are all ready for school in the new space. In the video, you will see children walking with their buddies outside the school, and then students practice their counting in the classroom.

November Update: New EQUIPMENT was provided and already being used at the Wisdom House orphanage including 2 laptops, 2 projectors, 2 printers, and stationary materials! We received a personalized "thank you" from the English teacher in a video and pictures of all this technology in action.

October 21, 2016 Update: The new bus has arrived! The children at the Wisdom House love their new wheels.  SETF purchased and delivered the bus within two weeks of receiving the funds for the bus that will be used for many Syrian children who will no longer have to walk in the freezing cold to get to school.  The bus also enables more children to get an education, field trip opportunities, and the option to move the children to new locations if necessary. 

October 2016 Update: New photos of the students at The Wisdom House, and we are purchasing a BUS next week, which should arrive at the orphanage before the end of October. We are so grateful and thankful for donors who make this support possible. 

September 2016 Update: The community in Conway, AR donated $5,000 dollars in August 2016 that purchased an electric generator and also paid the teachers' salaries for the next year.  

A local council has been established in the orphanages' community which will monitor progress and also distribute salaries to the staff.

September 1, 2016 Update: Students got a rare opportunity to visit a soccer field. This was a special treat for the children since field trips are expensive. Inshallah (God-willing) they will have more in the future as support reaches to our brothers and sisters in Idlib, Syria.

August 2016 Update: The English teacher at The Wisdom House shared some photos and videos of the children at school.

First delivery of support to the orphanage from SETF in May 2016. Food, backpacks, school supplies, and bed mats were provided as a foundation for the school and home for the The Wisdom House.