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For six years the Syrian people have been under the grip of a violent dictator who to this day, continues to target and drop bombs on civilian entities including schools, medical facilities, and residential neighborhoods. While the news of devastation in Syria can make us feel helpless, there are many things you can do to avoid being a bystander to this #neveragain moment in our history.

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- Click here for political advocacy suggestions from the Syrian Emergency Task Force.

- Be a leader in your community for Syria and The Wisdom House and introduce this project to your community. You can show them the videos from our media page and be a part of the story of Americans taking care of a hidden school for orphans in Syria.

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- Join our campaign "Letters of Hope for Syria" that lets you and your community directly engage with the people of Syria and let them know they are not forgotten. Our team delivers the letters of hope to internally displaced Syrians.

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"Letters of Hope" instructions

- Invite us to speak to your community about our humanitarian initiatives for Syria

-Host an event to fundraise, educate, or write Letters of Hope for Syria

-Screen important documentaries on Syria at your school, local community center or museum, etc (See bottom of page for list of documentaries we recommend.)

-If you want to know more about how our mother organization (The Syrian Emergency Task Force) is working with Congress for the protection of civilians, you can ask your representatives to support these "Asks from Congress"

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For any questions, please email our director of outreach at natalielarrison@gmail.com

Media Resources and Recommended Screening Materials

2014 Spark Media Documentary featuring SETF executive director and Wisdom House Manager, Mouaz Moustafa.

Red Lines

Learn more about screening "Red Lines" and how to watch the film at redlinesfilm.com

Watch the trailer here:

A film by Evgeny Afineevsky and debuted in 2017 on HBO where it can be accessed today.

Cries From Syria

Learn more about this film at criesfromsyria.com

An Afshar Films documentary following the legal work that SETF is involved in, released in 2017.

Syria's Disappeared: The Case Against Assad

Learn more about screening "Syria's Disappeared" at www.syriasdisappeared.com

National Geographic documentary debuted 6/11/2017

Hell On Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS

The full episode is available online at nationalgeographic.com, but you must have a TV provider's information. 

The Fifth Estate released a documentary on CBC which also addresses SETF's legal work including "Caesar's" first television interview. The entire film can be accessed on youtube.

The Disappeared in Syria: The Truth Smugglers

UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, releases the interactive and educational website,


where you can see 360 degree views of Damascus, lessons on Syria's history, and striking photos of important places in Syria before and after the conflict began in 2011.

Amnesty International creates interactive website that lets you explore Saydnaya, a notorious and terrifying prison in Syria, using forensic architecture to re-create the reality of this place where few have survived to tell its story.


Watch the video below and learn about the background of the crisis in Syria and learn why it is the worst humanitarian disaster since World War II.