$20 / month will care for one student's education at the "Wisdom House" school or "Tomorrow's Dawn" Women's Center in Idlib, Syria.

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How your Support helps people in Syria Directly

In the Spring of 2016, The Syrian Emergency Task Force, a Washington-based NGO established an orphanage and school in Idlib, Syria where children learn with the merciful and unending assistance of 5 teachers and 4 staff members.  SETF and kindhearted sponsors first began assisting the orphanage, “The Wisdom House,” by sending backpacks, school supplies, mattresses, and other basic necessities that would be a solid foundation for growth and sustainment for this establishment. With our network of team members and current technologies, we are prepared to reach our orphanage and connect their support with the people providing it. This expedient and thoroughly documented process ensures that all contributions turn into timely and practical aide that reaches all the way into the hands of these children.  We anticipate a surge of knowledge, understanding, and love for The Wisdom House from our American community that will allow us to sustain this orphanage for years to come. SETF strives to uphold a personal connection between the Wisdom House children and its supporters around the world through social media and direct communication between people to build human relationships across borders. 

The Syrian Emergency Task Force is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization created to support the Syrian people's demand for freedom and democracy, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or background. SETF seeks to convey the democratic aspirations of Syrians to the American public, and support humanitarian efforts to assist victims of the Syrian crisis.

Visit www.syriantaskforce.org to learn more.