“Tomorrow’s Dawn” Women’s Center is an expansion of the Wisdom House Project. Located in the same town in Idlib Province as our preschool beginning in August 2017. The Women’s Center is a vision brought to life after we empowered a local woman with start-up funds to bring courses to the community. The local council in this town supports our projects and we work with them to manage these institutions that bring hope and a sense of normalcy to its attendees.

We continue to seek committed donors who can help keep this program running and offering these important courses to the people in Syria.

There are about 100 attendees taking courses at a given time at Tomorrow's Dawn women's center. Courses for women include vocational courses such as nursing/ first aid, cosmetology, jewelry making, and there are human rights workshops, community meetings, secondary classes for men and women for Arabic and English credits, and a theatre troupe!

Tomorrow's Dawn Theatre Troupe or "Talent Development" course has 10 energetic teenagers and taught by our own project manager, Rasha, along with other members of the community with experience in drama. They sing, act, and perform for local schools and at community events in Syria.

They have sent us messages of gratefulness for the support and they hope to connect with us more and continue to be a ray of hope as they bring art and expression back to their war-torn community. 

You can catch videos of the troupe singing on the Women's Center Facebook page and learn about the team in the descriptions below that were sent to us from Syria.

You can also look up "مركز إشراقة الغد" on Facebook and look for the logo.